Where does the time go?

I have no idea where the time is going. We've been so busy around here its ridiculous. I really have gotten a lot of scrapbooking done - while we were camping I finished almost all of my CKC projects. Right now I'm working on some paper bag mini albums for the Grandma's for Mother's Day.

I have 2 weeks left until my due date, but the doctor keeps telling me any day now. I'm physically ready to be done with the pregnancy, but I'm not actually ready - his room isn't ready and I have several projects I'd like to get done first.

Blake continues to amaze me - he's so funny! How is it that my baby can:

- Sing his ABC's (he runs some of the letters together, but its so cute)

- Count to 10
- Wants to help with everything - folding laundry, unloading the dishwasher, etc.

- Does not want me to carry him - he wants to walk by himself everywhere
- Talk in complete sentences

- Do something that makes me irritated and then have me laughing so hard I'm crying immediately after

He has a new obsession with pop-a-wheelies (except he calls them pop-a-wee-wees). I'll walk into his room and all of his tractors will be tipped up doing wheelies. We gave him a trike for his birthday and he is constantly doing 'side pop-a-wee-wees' with it.

I love how he mispronounces some words (I actually kind of miss it when he learns how to say the correct word).

- Granola Bar = Nub A Bar

- Fertilizer Spreader = Spreaderizer
(He used to call a combine a 'bundy').

He loves motorcycles - on our last trip to the sand, Eric took him out on the 4-wheeler and he loved the hills (going up and down).

I love this picture of Eric & Blake - my two boys...I can't wait to meet my third boy in a couple of weeks (hopefully sooner)!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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