Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

How bad is it that this year I didn't really get out a lot of the Halloween decorations - I have the fall decorations out, but now the Halloween ones...that's not like me. I'm already getting ready for Christmas though - how scary is that...

I made two of these frames - one for my Mom & Dad and another for Eric's parents. They were a lot of fun actually and Blake helped me some.

It's a really bad picture - but I snapped it really fast as I was running out the door with it to deliver. :) I got the idea off of Pinterest (I am officially addicted by the way) Here's the original that I pinned.

I bought two $0.97 frames from Walmart and painted them green. I hot-glued wiggly eyes all over it. Added some ribbon and cut out 'eek' with my Cricut and we were good to go.
It was a great in-expensive gift that I think I'll maybe make one for myself for next year. It would've been better to give them the frame with the boys in the Halloween costumes, but the costumes weren't ready in time.

I should have pics up soon of a cute pumpkin and his cute little monkey. :)

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!


12 Things Before 2012

I don't remember where I read this, but someone had posted 12 things they wanted to do before 2012...a pre-resolution. :) I decided that I'd better take up on this - we'll see how I do...

12 Things To Do Before 2012

1. Get Christmas shopping done before Dec. 15th

2. Make/Keep up a December Daily Album (I'm on my way - I ordered the kit from Studio Calico this morning)!!!

3. Clip and actual remember to use coupons

4. At least make an attempt to start remodeling the basement

5. Take boys to the Hood River Train for the Polar Express ride

6. Plan a couple of mini-vacation's for next year

7. Back-up all my pictures - I've been really bad!

8. Start posting on the blog regularly so later I can go back! :)

9. Exercise more regularly/frequently - start training for 1/2 marathon (?)

10. Plan menus weekly

11. Visit Grandparent's more often - all sets of them! :)

12. Finish organizing Grandpa & Grandma's old pictures & make CD's for everybody

Ok - now that I've put them out there I'll have to be accountable for them right?

This is one of my favorite pictures cute are my boys?

This was taken at the Wooden Shoe Pumpkin Fest - Eric's cousin knitted Carter a pumpkin hat and it is stinkin' adorable!

Oh & I have actually been getting some projects done that I've pinned on Pinterest! I'll post it here shortly, but I made my parents & Eric's parents a frame for Halloween with the above picture in it. It's stinkin' cute!