Sketchy Thursday Lay-out & Fair Pics

Last night we went to the state fair. We hadn't been in a couple of years so it was fun to go see everything. Blake did not like his pony ride...definetely not worth the $6.00 since he hated it, but it was kind of funny watching his face. Here's a picture showing how he felt about the pony ride

I think the elephant ear though made up for the pony ride. He couldn't get enough of it-he kept shoving his mouth full and then he make the sign more "More". What a cutie!

I was able to scrap a little this morning. I saw the sketch at Sketchy Thursday and loved it! I knew I had the perfect picture for it from Blake's first birthday.

I took two of the Martha Stewart doilies and altered them a little:

I used the Basic Grey chipboard numbers-covered the #1 with white cardstock, ink it, added some fiber from CTMH and a stamped star to tie it into the lay-out.

Well, I'm off to get some cleaning done and to get ready for a BBQ later today!


Happy Holiday Weekend!

Happy Holiday Weekend everyone! Yeah!! I told my sister well over a year ago that I would make her a perpetual calendar for birthdays/anniversaries and I finally got it done yesterday. Here are some pics of a couple of the months (my camera and I were fighting yesterday when I was taking pics so these aren't very good, but these are the *good ones*).

I was also able to do a scrap page yesterday of Blake with some of the Pebbles product I won from their giveaway and I fell in love with their products - they were so fun to play with!

Journaling reads: You have such a sweet, innocent smile. It warms my heart everytime I see it. Oh the trouble you're going to get into when you're older with a smile like that!
Here's a close-up:
Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!


I'm Here

Hello Everyone! I know-where have I been...sheesh! Well I got some sort of flu which isn't supposed to happen in summer is it? We've also been soo busy around here!

Here's a card I made this past weekend:

I received my package in the mail last week with my goodies I won from Pebbles Inc. how cute is all of this stuff! I'm so excited to work with the products!

And here are a couple of pictures of my cute little is he getting so big? We're in the process of looking for a 'big boy' bed for him. Our deal is when he moves to a 'big boy' bed; we're going to redo his room to John Deere tractors (it's currently vintage airplanes which I love, but he absolutely adores tractors). I'm soo excited! I've already started gathering stuff! Well I'm off to work on some projects. Be back soon!
Have a great day!

Here's one of Blake waiting for Daddy to get home from work. (He climbs up on our window seat in the kitchen and watches the stinkin' cute!)


I'm hooked

I've been researching Copic markers a lot lately - it was a huge debate I had with myself. Finally I decided that I was going to buy just a few and test them out and see if they interested me at all. Needless to say...I'm hooked! I had a blast with them. This was my first project I did and you can tell it was my first! I had so much fun though!

I didn't want to invest a ton before playing with them, but now that I know I want more; first thing I need to buy is the right ink for stamping my image - it did run a little. They are soo much fun and there is so much opportunity with them its great!

This past weekend I also did this card (no Copic :( though ). Eric's cousin is getting married next weekend and I needed a wedding card.I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Finally done

I've finally finished the quilt for my nephew - his dedication was Sunday and I finished it Saturday (just in time). Here are a couple of pics of the finished quilt-it's made out of John Deere fabrics.

Here's a quick pic of the card I did for Colin's dedication

The dedication service was really special. Eric is one of Colin's god-parents so it was fun for him too!

I went to an antique sale at Molly Mo's on Saturday with my Mom. They had a ton of great stuff. My Mom bought a frame for me that I can't wait to hang in my scraproom - I need a finishing touch for it though so once I get it complete I'll post pics. I bought some more pillows for our bed as well - I really should stop buying throw pillows for our 9 enough?

Have a great Monday!


I Won!!!

A friend of mine, Erica Hettwer, is on the design team at A Walk Down Memory Lane. One of their design team members did a product review of Pebbles Inc. and then they had a giveaway and I won!!! I am so excited because I've never won any sort of scrapbooking giveaway ever! I'll post pics as soon as I receive the package!

I'm off to bed - I'm getting up early tomorrow for an antique sale and then coming home to finish some sewing and scrappy projects...will post pics soon - I promise.

Hope everyone enjoys one of the final weekends of August!


It's me

I don't know what is happening to my summer, but it is passing me by! We've been so busy! We went camping last weekend and I've been busy making a quilt for Eric's nephew who is baptized on Sunday. (All I have left is to sew the binding on and then I'll post some pics).

I was able to finish a project I've been wanting to get done for a couple of weeks now. Awhile ago I bought several lamps on clearance at Lowe's. I bought 2 of these lamps - for $4 each!! I then covered a lamp shade and added some beads for fun and I love how they look in our room on our nightstands. The black and white goes great against my red wall in the bedroom!

I was able to get a couple of lay-outs done as well as some cards so this weekend I'll post some pics of those.
I'll be back shortly I promise! :)



Crazy busy

We have been so crazy busy around here it's sickening! And I don't know where summer is going. I haven't been able to scrap much this past week, but I've been working like a mad woman on quilts. Yes...that was plural. :)

Our nephew is getting baptized in a couple of weeks and Eric is going to be one of his god-parents. Eric wanted me to make Colin a John Deere tractor quilt so I've been working on that and in doing so, Blake kept 'stealing' the fabric and running around the house saying "mow mow" - "mow mow" is code for tractor. So Eric said "You know you should probably make Blake one too!" So in the past week I've gotten two quilt tops done and Blake's is pinned with the backing and I just need to finish it. I think Blake is excited about it though so it makes it fun for me!

Blake is now starting to try say more and more words and I can't believe how fast he's growing up...

1 - Ma Ma
2 - Da Da
3 - Dish means Fish
4 - Doosh means Shoes
5 - Mow Mow means Tractor
6 - Turtle
7 - Bear
8 - Ball

And I'm know there's more - I just can't think of them right now. Well hopefully soon I'll post pics of the quilts...they've been fun, but its stressful when I've got deadlines coming up!

Hope everyone's enjoying summer!


Here's a lay-out I did the other day. It was really fun for me - I just don't scrap about myself a lot. I used the July sketch from the It's All About Me Challenge Blog.

Well this is going to be a quick update...I need to run and get Blake from my Mom & Dad's and take him to his first swimming lesson!! I'm soo excited! He's going to love it!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!



I hope everyone is staying cool this summer! It's so hot here - I'm not a huge fan of it being this warm!

Here's my take on July's Sketch for Scrap. Inspire. Create. This is the first sketch I've used of theirs and it was a lot of fun. The challenge was not to use cardstock - made me realize how much I rely on cardstock! :)
Here are a couple of other layouts I was able to recently complete.

Don't you just love this paper by Bo Bunny - it's from their Block Party collection? I'm defintely going to have to pick up more of this!
I'm still working on my new project for my scraproom. I was going to paint chalkboard paint onto my cabinet doors, but then I decided if I was doing that I might as well use magnetic paint as primer so that I can use it with magnets as well. So far the cabinet has 5 coats of magnetic paint and one coat of chalkboard paint. I think after one more coat of chalkboard paint we'll be good to go. But now...I'm going to need to make some cute magnets right? :)

Enjoy Summer!



It has been so hot here lately that I have been in my scraproom whenever I can, not just because I want to, but because its down in our basement and it stays nice and cool. I was able to complete a couple of projects and I've also been painting on a little project. I've got one more layer of paint to do hopefully tomorrow morning. I'll be posting pics soon - I'm pretty excited about it!

Happy Summer!


I splurged...

The other day, I was in at Michael's to get an item with my 40% of coupon and they had Thickers on Clearance! So I had to pick up some right?? I was pretty excited!I haven't gotten a lot done scrappy wise the last couple of days, but hopefully today I can work on some projects. Here are a couple of pictures from our camp-out at Detroit with our church. We had such a blast! Blake got to go on his first fishing trip with Daddy & Grandpa. He had a blast! He tries to say 'fish' now, but it comes out 'dish'! :)

Blake also got to go for a ride on Grandpa's swing bike.

Blake is trying to say more and more. He now says "mow mow" for a tractor. And if you ask him where something is, he'll lift up his hands and say "Ummmm" It's really cute.

Not too much else going on...hopefully soon I'll post about all of the projects I'm going to accomplish today! He, he, he... :)

Have a great rest of the week!


My Room~

My scraproom isn't completely done (there is a long list of to do's for the honey like trim around door/window, etc) but enough done where I've been able to finally get some scrappy projects done! Here is a picture as you walk in the door:
The big white cabinet on the left wall has my sewing supplies, fabric and also some of my gift wrapping supplies. Right next to the cabinet is a set of the cubes. On the back wall is my Expedit from Ikea (I love it, but it dearly needs to be organized). On the right wall, my sewing desk is right as you walk in followed by my work desk. Right beside my work desk is a set of 4 cubes.

Here is a picture just to the left as you walk in the door. I hung a curtain rod on the wall and then added some hooks for an instant display of some pages I've done. I also have my Poang chair from Ikea.

Do you remember my post last week about the cabinet doors I bought from the antique market? Well here is a pic of how they turned out. They were originally hinged together, but I took them apart, painted them white, bought new knobs and had Eric screw the hinges into the wall so that you can open them up. I then put up some flower wall stickers that I bought from Target. (I'm really disappointed in them though and will probably end up buying something from Uppercase Living later).

I still have lots I want to do in the room. On the white cabinet, I think I'm going to paint chalkboard paint on the doors, but I want to look into how to 'frame' the paint.

I also am thinking of doing a collage of embroidery hoop wall art like the one I saw on this post

but I'm thinking of having 5-7 hoops of various sizes and overlapping them for a more collage look.

Let me know if you have any suggestions/ideas for my room! I'm really excited to start getting some projects done now!

Wishing everyone a great week!
Thanks for visiting!


Catch up...

This week is just flying by... We were camping this past weekend and I'm still playing catch up.
Here is a before picture of a project I'm working on to put up in my scrapbook room.

I was pretty excited when I found it at an antique market on the 4th of July in Silverton. It was only $8!! Score! Hopefully this weekend I'll have my scraproom organized enough to take some pics to post.

Have a great rest of the week!



Happy 4th of July!

I think today is one of my favorite holidays!

Eric & Blake drove Eric's Grandpa's tractor in the Mt. Angel parade this morning. Blake had a blast.

Yesterday, I was able to get one scrap page done. (I apologize for the poor picture of the layout)

Supplies: Patterned Paper-My Minds Eye, Diecut-Cricut (Opposites Attract); Stamps-Studio G; Ink-Close to my Heart; Pearls-Queen & Co.; Flower-K & Company
The Journaling Reads: Blake can always put a twinkle in my eyes and a smile in my heart

I'm off for now to get ready for the BBQ later today. Have a great holiday everyone!


Here we go...

Well, here we go on my blogging attempt...

I have debated for quite awhile about it, but then decided that I am so behind on all of my projects that I'm hopefully this will get a little motivated and if nothing else, will provide somewhat of a journal of our lives so that when I scrapbook I'll have the details already to go.

To kick it off, here is a project that I've been wanting to get done and its kind of got my mojo back going to dive into all those crafty projects I've got planned! :)

Blake, my almost 15 month old son, goes to a child care center in Mount Angel. Each day they write down on a sheet of paper what he eats, when they change him, when he sleeps and some fun little notes about the day. I've been saving them all because I wanted to do SOMETHING with them. I finally decided to whip out my Bind-It-All and laminator and get to work.

I grouped all of the sheets from 2009 together and laminated them back to back in order. I then added some black cardstock and binded them all together. It's nothing fancy, but I'm happy with the results. It will be so much fun several years from now to go back and read through them!

(Please forgive the photography-these pics didn't turn out the best)

Here's the front view:

and here's an inside view:
Thanks for stopping by!