I scored!

I went to pick-up the mail the other day and my June Studio Calico kit came. Yippee!! I ordered one of the add-on kits so I was pretty excited. Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to whip it out and get to working on some projects.

Yesterday, Carter was laying on his activity mat and Blake decided that he wanted to lay next to him. I bet they laid together for over 15 minutes which is quite unusual for Blake to stay like that for that long.

It's so fun to see them together - I can't wait to see what trouble they get into when they're older. :)

Today, my wonderful sister-in-law tagged along with me while I shopped for some shorts for Blake. The boy didn't have any that fit him...
I got some really good deals - for $100 I got...

-6 pairs of shorts
-3 sets of pajamas (2 have shorts & pants)
-3 shirts

-2 shirts
-6 onesies
-1 pair of overalls
-1 pair of shorts

I thought I did pretty good. I also earned a $25 Gymbuck at Gymboree!! :)

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week...I'm working on putting together my 'Home Management Notebook' - I got the idea from Honey We're Home and I'm really excited about it!


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  1. Good shopping day :)
    That photo is priceless