Where does the time go...

It's finally starting to slow down after the holidays around here. :)
The boys are growing like crazy! Carter wants to walk so badly - he uses the walker and walks up & down the hallway and he can stand for a little bit on his own - he's ready to go.

And we are working on potty training Blake - it's quite a task! He does pretty good most days at home, but does not like to go other places. :)

I love this picture from the other day of the boys in the bath - they are growing up so fast!

I was able to scrap last weekend briefly - I finished one page. :)
And then I switched modes and started on a quilt kit I bought awhile ago. I'm making it for the camping trailer and decided I wanted to try and finish it before our first camping trip this year.
I also took down the pictures on one wall in the hallway to redo with new frames - thanks to Pinterest. :)

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