{ Summer Recap }

Summer is over - here's a few pictures...

Blake played soccer for the first time this year - we used the word played real loosely. :)
They basically just had practices and almost every practice either Eric or I had to be out on the field with him.  I'm so excited though - he got his first team shirt and I'm planning on saving them all and making a quilt for each of the boys when they're older!!

We did lots of camping - these are pictures of Carter & Blake at Lake Chelan.  I would recommend any/everyone to go up to Lake Chelan - it's AMAZING.  I would like to go back next year, but we might plan a trip every other year - it's about a 7 1/2 hour drive so with the little ones it's a bit of a struggle.  (The travel fairy stopped the night before we left though and gave the boys baskets of different games/toys to play with on the drive and it worked out wonderfully!!)

For the Fourth of July, Eric & Blake drove Great Grandpa Swede's tractor in the Mt. Angel parade again (I think it's the 3rd year they've done it)! Carter loved having a strawberry snack waiting for the parade to start!

 We had lots of outside play time - the boys love being outside and playing in the water!

Another camping trip...this was the church camp-out at Detroit Lake - the boys had a blast this year playing in the water.

I love this picture - maybe it's because I don't have a lot of pics of the 4 of us together.  Our friends rented a boat (on yet another camping trip for the OGWA camp-out) and we had a blast tooting along the water.  We'd stop every now and then and some would jump in for a swim. :)

Kristen & Matt got married this summer too, but I don't have any pics of it - the wedding was amazing.  We had soo much fun!  I'll have to post some pics later - the boys were both in it along with Colin and the three boys wore black pants, white shirts with a purple tie & suspenders and black Converse shoes - soooo stinking cute!

It was such a busy summer, but it was a great one!  I hate to even say this, but I am ready for fall now though (I've already got my Fall/Halloween decorations up)!!

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