I'm Here

Hello Everyone! I know-where have I been...sheesh! Well I got some sort of flu which isn't supposed to happen in summer is it? We've also been soo busy around here!

Here's a card I made this past weekend:

I received my package in the mail last week with my goodies I won from Pebbles Inc. how cute is all of this stuff! I'm so excited to work with the products!

And here are a couple of pictures of my cute little is he getting so big? We're in the process of looking for a 'big boy' bed for him. Our deal is when he moves to a 'big boy' bed; we're going to redo his room to John Deere tractors (it's currently vintage airplanes which I love, but he absolutely adores tractors). I'm soo excited! I've already started gathering stuff! Well I'm off to work on some projects. Be back soon!
Have a great day!

Here's one of Blake waiting for Daddy to get home from work. (He climbs up on our window seat in the kitchen and watches the stinkin' cute!)

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