I'm hooked

I've been researching Copic markers a lot lately - it was a huge debate I had with myself. Finally I decided that I was going to buy just a few and test them out and see if they interested me at all. Needless to say...I'm hooked! I had a blast with them. This was my first project I did and you can tell it was my first! I had so much fun though!

I didn't want to invest a ton before playing with them, but now that I know I want more; first thing I need to buy is the right ink for stamping my image - it did run a little. They are soo much fun and there is so much opportunity with them its great!

This past weekend I also did this card (no Copic :( though ). Eric's cousin is getting married next weekend and I needed a wedding card.I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

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  1. I haven't tried the copic markers for this same reason. Do I really need more crafting stuff....well I guess the answer to that would be yes teehee.