Here we go...

Well, here we go on my blogging attempt...

I have debated for quite awhile about it, but then decided that I am so behind on all of my projects that I'm hopefully this will get a little motivated and if nothing else, will provide somewhat of a journal of our lives so that when I scrapbook I'll have the details already to go.

To kick it off, here is a project that I've been wanting to get done and its kind of got my mojo back going to dive into all those crafty projects I've got planned! :)

Blake, my almost 15 month old son, goes to a child care center in Mount Angel. Each day they write down on a sheet of paper what he eats, when they change him, when he sleeps and some fun little notes about the day. I've been saving them all because I wanted to do SOMETHING with them. I finally decided to whip out my Bind-It-All and laminator and get to work.

I grouped all of the sheets from 2009 together and laminated them back to back in order. I then added some black cardstock and binded them all together. It's nothing fancy, but I'm happy with the results. It will be so much fun several years from now to go back and read through them!

(Please forgive the photography-these pics didn't turn out the best)

Here's the front view:

and here's an inside view:
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Yeah I am your first follower, I love to be first in something teehee.
    That book is so neat. And they did the hard part for you perfect :)