My Room~

My scraproom isn't completely done (there is a long list of to do's for the honey like trim around door/window, etc) but enough done where I've been able to finally get some scrappy projects done! Here is a picture as you walk in the door:
The big white cabinet on the left wall has my sewing supplies, fabric and also some of my gift wrapping supplies. Right next to the cabinet is a set of the cubes. On the back wall is my Expedit from Ikea (I love it, but it dearly needs to be organized). On the right wall, my sewing desk is right as you walk in followed by my work desk. Right beside my work desk is a set of 4 cubes.

Here is a picture just to the left as you walk in the door. I hung a curtain rod on the wall and then added some hooks for an instant display of some pages I've done. I also have my Poang chair from Ikea.

Do you remember my post last week about the cabinet doors I bought from the antique market? Well here is a pic of how they turned out. They were originally hinged together, but I took them apart, painted them white, bought new knobs and had Eric screw the hinges into the wall so that you can open them up. I then put up some flower wall stickers that I bought from Target. (I'm really disappointed in them though and will probably end up buying something from Uppercase Living later).

I still have lots I want to do in the room. On the white cabinet, I think I'm going to paint chalkboard paint on the doors, but I want to look into how to 'frame' the paint.

I also am thinking of doing a collage of embroidery hoop wall art like the one I saw on this post

but I'm thinking of having 5-7 hoops of various sizes and overlapping them for a more collage look.

Let me know if you have any suggestions/ideas for my room! I'm really excited to start getting some projects done now!

Wishing everyone a great week!
Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Love your room! I especially love the hinged doors, how creative!