I splurged...

The other day, I was in at Michael's to get an item with my 40% of coupon and they had Thickers on Clearance! So I had to pick up some right?? I was pretty excited!I haven't gotten a lot done scrappy wise the last couple of days, but hopefully today I can work on some projects. Here are a couple of pictures from our camp-out at Detroit with our church. We had such a blast! Blake got to go on his first fishing trip with Daddy & Grandpa. He had a blast! He tries to say 'fish' now, but it comes out 'dish'! :)

Blake also got to go for a ride on Grandpa's swing bike.

Blake is trying to say more and more. He now says "mow mow" for a tractor. And if you ask him where something is, he'll lift up his hands and say "Ummmm" It's really cute.

Not too much else going on...hopefully soon I'll post about all of the projects I'm going to accomplish today! He, he, he... :)

Have a great rest of the week!

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