Crazy busy

We have been so crazy busy around here it's sickening! And I don't know where summer is going. I haven't been able to scrap much this past week, but I've been working like a mad woman on quilts. Yes...that was plural. :)

Our nephew is getting baptized in a couple of weeks and Eric is going to be one of his god-parents. Eric wanted me to make Colin a John Deere tractor quilt so I've been working on that and in doing so, Blake kept 'stealing' the fabric and running around the house saying "mow mow" - "mow mow" is code for tractor. So Eric said "You know you should probably make Blake one too!" So in the past week I've gotten two quilt tops done and Blake's is pinned with the backing and I just need to finish it. I think Blake is excited about it though so it makes it fun for me!

Blake is now starting to try say more and more words and I can't believe how fast he's growing up...

1 - Ma Ma
2 - Da Da
3 - Dish means Fish
4 - Doosh means Shoes
5 - Mow Mow means Tractor
6 - Turtle
7 - Bear
8 - Ball

And I'm know there's more - I just can't think of them right now. Well hopefully soon I'll post pics of the quilts...they've been fun, but its stressful when I've got deadlines coming up!

Hope everyone's enjoying summer!

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