Look what came

Today was my day to get all my errands ran...didn't quite get them all done, but most of them.
One of the stops was the post office and look what came today -

It's the binder for Karen Russell's online photography class I'm taking that starts next week! Yippee! (Last week I also got the 50mm lens in the mail that I bought from B&H Photo so I'm all ready to go!)

I enrolled Blake in the Indoor Park this morning also - we didn't stay too long, but he really liked it and didn't want to leave! I'm excited to have that outlet for him to run around and wear off some energy! :)

Funny story: Last night I heard Blake in our room - when I went in there he had dumped this little bowl where Eric & I put all of our change onto the floor and was taking the coins into his room and putting them in his piggy bank. It was hilarious! I told him that was Mommy & Daddy's money and he informed me that it was his. He looked at me and said "Blake needs money too" How can you not smile at that?

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