My little boy

Blake cracks me up everyday - he can be so challenging at times, but he is such a sweet boy that even when he's being a pill you can't help but smile.

He loves reading so I snuck some pics today while he was 'reading' in his chair

Tonight Eric and I were sitting in the living room and Blake comes running through into the dining room carrying a case of his wipes. Eric said "Blake what are you doing?" but he didn't answer so I got up and looked and he was cleaning up some milk he had spilled. By the time I grabbed my camera he had cleaned up all the milk, but it was the cutest thing ever seeing him laying on the floor wiping up his milk.
That's all I have for today - I did have an OB appointment today and I gained another 3 lbs. - doctor said it was okay though because that makes it 11 lbs. total. (This sounds bad, but I wish I'd get a little bigger soon-I'm right at the point that I feel huge, but I think when people look at me they question whether I'm pregnant or just have a big belly).
Hope everyone had a great Martin Luther King Jr. Day - I'm off to move laundry and bed! :) (Staying up until 10:30 last night trying to get a certain boy to sleep has not had a positive effect on my energy today).

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